Geo Kahani


The easiest thing in the world is to tell a story and the hardest is to a fine story teller. Geo Kahani is all about the art of telling visual stories with an unparalleled finesse.
Geo Kahani is female scented but the overall fragrance is without any gender bias. The visualization of dreams and reality on every Kahani is meted out with finest technical treatment. The high production values, quality graphics and themes that virtually have a Life like effect, the channel is just more than a story: a completely visual picturesque reality.
On Geo Kahani the viewer’s not only get to experience stories, they also get an experience of sights and sounds of other countries and cultures. There are different settings and backgrounds and the different way that people dress, talk and eat. Through all those differences, the most amazing thing is that the viewer still relates to the similarities of relationship in all these cultures. Be it in Turkey, India and Pakistan or anywhere in the world, we can all relate to the values between families and relations. And this is what the viewer will enjoy the most watching Geo Kahani.