Daily Jang is Group’s flagship brand & Pakistan’s largest newspaper.

Daily Circulation: 700,000
Sunday Circulation: 875,000
No. of Pages: Weekdays 16-20. Sundays 52

Daily Jang is Group’s flagship brand & Pakistan’s largest newspaper. It is published from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Quetta and Multan. An overseas edition is published from London. Jang has an average daily circulation of 850,000 and according to research a readership of over 8 million across all socio-economic classes. According to the Consumer Multimedia Index 2010, Jang has over 47% share of the newspaper readership market in Pakistan.

Today, Daily Jang is the largest media brand in Pakistan with advertising revenues exceeding those of all print and
electronic players.

‘No other Publication in Pakistan is quite like Jang’
Jang enables advertisers to reach consumers across all SECs in Pakistan with maximum effect and efficiency. It has 57% readership in Urban Pakistan and 69% in top 10 Urban markets.

‘Why the Jang Readers subscribe to our News and Views’
No other newspaper has had such a significant impact on Pakistan’s market as Jang. Since 1947, Jang’s evaluation of international, economic, political and technological changes in a rapidly changing world has made it indispensable reading for Pakistanis. In the 64 years since it arrived on the publishing scene in Pakistan, Jang has been a witness to history.

With the passage of time, its bond with readers has only strengthened. It has wept at their tragedies, rejoiced at their victories, warned them of impending disasters and reinforced their sense of national pride. This total identification with the aspirations of the people has been a major factor in making Jang the success that it is today.

According to World Press Trends published by the World Association of Newspapers, Jang is one of the top 100 newspapers of the world.

Editorial Portfolio:

Jang is a modern national newspaper, offering a combination of main news and special interest sections. Throughout the week, the main pages offer national and international news, business and finance, comment and analysis and daily sports coverage.
In addition to the main news sections, there are a number of special weekly sections devoted to sports, entertainment, lifestyle, women, youth and children including a tabloid size Midweek in-paper magazine on Wednesdays and the weekend Sunday in-paper magazine.