The News


Launched in 1991, The News was the country’s first 4-color newspaper.

Daily Circulation: 138,000
Sunday Circulation: 144,000
No. of Pages: Weekdays 24-28. Sundays 52

Launched in 1991, The News was the country’s first 4-color newspaper. Today, it is one of Pakistan’s leading English dailies. Three simultaneous editions are published from Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad. An overseas edition is also published from London catering to the second and third generation Pakistanis living in the UK.

The News was the first to introduce the concept of Investigative Reporting in Pakistani journalism. Its editorial team firmly believes that conveying the news is not what their job is all about. They analyze and investigate the matter and then convey it to the reader in a form, that is unbiased and helps form opinions.

Editorial Portfolio:

The News is a consistently innovative and progressive newspaper. Everyday in addition to its main news section, there are various special interest supplements catering to its varied readership.

The News pioneered a special daily three-page Sports Supplement. The Section lays emphasis on giving prominence to all sporting events. Everyday coverage of major issues and controversies in the sporting world makes The News Sports Section a must read for sports enthusiasts.

The four page daily City Supplement covers the happenings in the three metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

The daily Business Supplement covers the news on the economy, financial world, industry and the business community while keeping tab on the current market trends and significant
world economic events.

Besides this, there are weekly special interest supplements catering to women (You), teenagers (Us), kids (Disney Discoverer) and the weekend lifestyle, entertainment and fashion inpaper-magazine (Instep).